ViroShield FAQ

Why is the Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray better than just using alcohol?
This product is designed to be both effective and gentle, so it can be used on both hands and surfaces. Our goal is to help people protect themselves from environmental threats using quality essential oils known for cleansing such as eucalyptus and clove, in addition to alcohol. Not only is it effective, but it also smells great too.

Are these products real? There’s so many scams out there.
ViroShield is real. Our products are made in the USA and ship from Los Angeles. But don’t just take it from us – see what our customers have to say.

Where are the products made?
Our products are made in the USA and ship from Los Angeles.

Why does the Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray have less alcohol than rubbing alcohol?
Our products are developed using the industry standard of using at least 60% alcohol. We increased alcohol content to 70% to maximize cleansing power, while allowing room for pure essential oils known for their natural cleansing benefits.

What is pure-grade alcohol?
Pure-grade alcohol is a common name for USP ethanol. It has most impurities removed and is U.S. Pharmacopoeia grade.

How quickly can I get the product?
Products are shipped within 48 hours from when ordered. If orders are made on Friday, they will be shipped out on Monday. Delivery dates are dependent on the type of shipping selected.

It seems expensive compared to standard alcohol or soap products.
We aim to keep our prices fair. Our goal is to help people protect themselves safely and effectively, using quality and pure essential oils known for cleansing.

Can I order the products in bulk?
If you have a specific request please email us at to discuss further.

Why do you caution against using if pregnant, nursing or taking medication?
It is suggested to consult with your physician beforehand if pregnant or breastfeeding as there are essential oils in the blend. Here at ViroShield, we make your safety our number one priority, therefore we choose to be more careful with the disclaimers and suggest consulting with a physician if pregnant or breastfeeding.

On the Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray, is 70% is the strength or the amount of alcohol in the product?
70% of the contents in the bottle is alcohol.

Why is shipping so expensive?
Shipping prices are dictated by weight and distance. Our shipping carriers are working around the clock to get our products out as quickly as possible. We are also in negotiations with different carriers to provide a lower-priced alternative. Due to our small size, we pack and ship all our products by hand and therefore our prices include a handling fee as well.

Is the product safe for pets?
We recommend you consult with your veterinarian before using it on pets. Your family’s safety, including your fur babies, are our first priority. Which is why we choose to be more cautious with our disclaimers.