Taking the Mystery Out of Diffusing Essential Oils

They wouldn’t call them essential if it wasn’t important. Essential oils allow you to care for your air with the benefits they provide. Eucalyptus creates a protecting atmosphere, lavender inspires calm and relaxation, tea tree purifies and lemon cleanses. With essential oils, you can care for your air and in turn, your air will care for you.

Diffusing essentials oils is one of the easiest and best ways to reap the benefits of what essential oils have to offer. Below are a variety of ways to diffuse essential oils and get the most out of the air you breathe. Whatever the method, you’ll discover a notable difference in your environment and the way you feel. Check the directions included with your diffuser for specific use and dilution recommendations, and adjust the amount of essential oils as necessary.

    Electric diffusers gently warm the essential oil and/or power fans to increase the evaporation and dispersion of the oil. Often, they incorporate a fiber pad or wick that is saturated with the essential oils, which substantially increases the surface area from which evaporation occurs. Electric diffusers range from discreet pocket-sized, battery-powered personal diffusers to units that plug into a wall socket, car outlets and larger, as well as fan-powered vaporizers for room-sized spaces. There are also desktop versions that plug into an electronic device USB outlet…how’s that for convenient
    Ultrasonic diffusers use sonic waves to create a more delicate mist containing microscopic droplets of essential oil and water. The diffusion is visible as it rises into the air, which can add an aesthetic appeal.
    Candle lamps use a small tea light candle placed under a bowl in which a mixture of water and essential oil simmers at a low temperature. The water helps insulate the flammable oil in order to protect it from the direct heat of the flame while it moderates and extends the diffusion time. Candle lamps are especially desirable for nighttime diffusions, during meditation and prayer or for an evening on the patio.
    These pretty, unglazed ornaments of rosy colored terra cotta clay are porous, so they absorb the essential oil and distribute it across a vast internal and external surface area. Terra cotta diffusers provide the most gentle way to diffuse oils as there is no application of heat. The diffusion is gradual and subtle so you will catch just a whiff of aromatic benefits when you first enter the room. It is always a good idea to hang the terra cotta diffuser in a warm, sunny window, the breeze will accelerate diffusion and disperse the scent.
    These simple mixtures of water and essential oil provide the simplest and most synthetic-free way to create an immediate aroma in your environment. Shake well before spraying so that the oil is evenly dispersed in the water.
    Essential oils can be diffused using various craft applications as well. Anything from reed diffusion, cloth or wax sachets, potpourri to diffusion salt crystals all serve to disperse the benefits of essential oils.