Fun & safe ideas for Halloween Night

Most of us here at ViroShield have kids and we know the state of affairs right now has left a lot of households wondering what to do this Halloween. Don’t despair, we scoured the internet for some great ideas to keep your night fun and safe.

Also make sure you stock up on our Hand Sanitizer, and/or our Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray to keep the germs away. The latter comes in four scents right now – original cinnamon and clove, citrus, lavender and the limited edition peppermint for the holidays. A quick spritz in between houses on kiddos’ hands can make all the difference.

Create A DIY Candy Slide

candy slide trick or treat idea

It’s easy to stay 6’ away when you have a homemade candy slide! Made out of PVC pipe and connectors, some paint and decorations, this family shows you how to bring a smile and maybe a little fright to trick-or-treaters.

Rob the Grave – Literally!

grave candy idea

Decorate your yard for Halloween by setting up fake tombstones in your yard six feet apart with individual treat bags. This gives kids a way to socially distance while trick-or-treating. It’s a simple and fun way to be safe.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you need or want to keep your risk factor down but still want your kid(s) to enjoy the holiday, why not have a scavenger hunt? You can do this with or without clues like these. Amazon sells plastic Halloween eggs you can stuff with candy or take your Easter ones and spookify them. Then fill with candy and hide them around the house or outside. You can even add mini glow sticks to make them easier to find in the dark.

Make a Real Mask Part of Your Costume

covid masks as halloween masks

If you’re headed out in your neighborhood or to a few close friends’ houses, it’s easy to incorporate a protective mask into a costume idea or simply decorate a plain one to take the place of make-up. This article from Real Simple is full of clever thoughts on the subject.

Bring the Sanitizer

Don't forget your Hand Sanitizer Spray to help keep the germs away. With cold & flu season arriving and the ongoing pandemic, it's best to keep Hand Sanitizer close by for the moments when touching spooky decorations seems like a fun idea and there is no sink nearby. 

More Resources

save halloween ideas

We really hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. For more tips on safer ways to participate in festivities this year, the CDC is a great resource. In addition, the Halloween & Costume Association has a great website, along with a map that displays current COVID-19 risk levels in your area.