3 Ways to Shield Yourself Against Environmental Threats

From surfaces to your hands to the air you breathe, we don't have to tell you that bacteria and germs linger almost everywhere. Just think of how many times in an average day you come into contact with people, places, and objects - too many to count. 

Having the means to help protect yourself is not only a good idea, it can also give you peace of mind. With an effective way to help naturally defend yourself against surface and airborne threats, we like to think of ViroShield as a secret weapon in your protective arsenal.

ViroShield is an all natural, powerful blend of eight essential oils known for their protective properties and refreshing aromatics, and some products combine pure-grade alcohol for enhanced cleansing. We offer three ways to shield yourself against environmental threats with ViroShield - all are gentle, yet powerful, and simple to use.

ViroShield Essential Oil Blend

It's important to protect surfaces and the air you breathe. According to experts, an uncovered sneeze can disperse droplets up to six feet or more! Those droplets have to land somewhere, right? And even if a sneeze or cough gets covered, you're likely to touch some type of surface afterwards, without even realizing it. 

A combination of Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon, Tea Tree and Thyme, we dubbed the proprietary blend of essential oils in ViroShield Essential Oil Blend The Power of Eight for the powerhouse effect these oils have when their protective qualities are amplified together. 

ViroShield Essential Oil Blend can be diffused aromatically to help cleanse the air. You'll love enjoying the cinnamon-clove scent in places you find yourself often, like your home, office or car. It can also be applied topically with a carrier oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Visit our parent company, MyOlea, for the perfect carrier oil options.

ViroShield Hand & Body Wash

Washing your hands several times a day doesn't have to take its toll on your skin. Unlike many harsh cleansers on the market, ViroShield Hand & Body Wash contains a blend of eight gentle, yet powerful essential oils formulated to cleanse and nourish at the same time. 

Plus, the invigorating cinnamon-clove scent will have you reaching for our Hand & Body Wash to lather up for all your daily bath, shower and sink cleansing needs. 

ViroShield Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray

Whether we are out and about or at home, we're constantly touching germy things, and did you know you probably touch your face about 23 times an hour? The average smartphone also carries 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. Yikes. What do you do if you don't have access to washing your hands? 

That's why there is ViroShield Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray, a safe, gentle, yet powerful blend of essential oils and 70% pure-grade alcohol. It's easy to spray on hands or common household and work surfaces, doorknobs, handles, purses, phones, keyboards, grocery carts and more. A quick spritz to keep surfaces and  hands clean could help make all the difference. Plus, did we mention that it smells great too?!

So go ahead...cleanse, spritz and diffuse away! With three ways to shield yourself, and a fresh, clean cinnamon-clove scent, you'll love reaching for ViroShield in your arsenal against environmental threats. Shop our natural, protective products today!