ViroShield Hand Sanitizer vs Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray: Which is Right For You?

With the recent launch of our ViroShield Hand Sanitizer, you might be wondering what the differences between it and our Hand and Surface Cleansing Spray are. We're so glad you asked, because while they are both a sanitizer spray, there are some distinct differences between the two. So, we'd love to shed some light on exactly what they are, starting with our Hand Sanitizer.

ViroShield Hand Sanitizer
Washing your hands is always the best defense against germs, but unfortunately that's not always possible, so the next best option is a hand sanitizer with alcohol. But not just any alcohol. To meet the industry standard a product must contain at least 60% alcohol, but we weren’t okay with just giving the minimum. We had more in mind for you, so we created ViroShield Hand Sanitizer to meet the FDA requirements with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic. That's right, 75%. Talk about maximum protection!

We've also left out the essential oils for those who may have sensitivities or allergies to certain scents, or just might prefer a neutral alcohol-based fragrance. ViroShield Hand Sanitizer is ideal to keep within reach at home, and in places like your purse, car, workplace, and more for those in between moments when you're out and about. 

ViroShield Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray
It's always a good idea to have a way to protect yourself against germs. Our Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray is designed to be effective, yet gentle enough to use on both hands and surfaces. It is made with 70% pure-grade alcohol and our blend of eight potent essential oils known for their powerful and diverse benefits.

And with an invigorating cinnamon-clove scent, you'll love spritzing ViroShield Hand & Surface Spray on hands or common surfaces such as purses, doors, grocery carts, smart phones and more. 

It helps to have peace of mind knowing that both ViroShield Hand Sanitizer and ViroShield Hand & Surface Spray are formulated using more than 60% alcohol to exceed the industry standard, and we hope our explanation of the differences between the two products has been helpful in offering clarification as to which one is right for you.

Cautions Regarding Homemade Hand Sanitizer
We understand that during the unprecedented times we are currently experiencing, trying to find hand sanitizer for sale has become quite a challenge, causing some to resort to alternatives such as homemade sanitizer. But if that's the case for you, you might want to rethink it.

We feel it's important to mention that the CDC does not encourage the use of homemade hand sanitizer products because of concerns over the correct use of ingredients and the need to work under the proper sterile conditions when making a product. 

That's why when you're looking to buy hand sanitizer, ViroShield is here for you with natural, safe, and effective sanitizers that are ready for you to get your hands on. Why go out to shop for hand sanitizer? Shop Viroshield Hand Sanitizer and Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray today and have it delivered straight to your door!