Kevin Harrington talks about why he trusts ViroShield

Kevin Harrinton, original shark from Shark Tank, talks about the benefits of ViroShield Natural Defense products and why their hand sanitizers and cleansers are the best on the market. With VIROSHIELD HAND & SURFACE CLEANSING SPRAYHAND & BODY WASH, and HAND SANITIZER, you have triple the power to help shield yourself from potential environmental threats. First by washing your hands for 20 seconds with the HAND & BODY WASH, which is always the preferred method, and next by using the HAND & SURFACE CLEANSING SPRAY on your hands and surfaces to combat everything in between. There are three cleansing spray scents to choose from, and all contain a powerful combination of essential oils known for their cleansing properties, along with 70% pure grade alcohol. Also available is the HAND SANITIZER which has 75% alcohol, meeting FDA requirements, and is perfect for those sensitive to scents.