How to Protect Yourself and Your Family For Back to School and Work

Going back to school and work this year will look entirely different compared to what most families have been used to in the past. Workplaces and schools will have new policies in place to protect employees, parents, children and teachers. 

For in-person learning, employees and students can expect the new normal to include things like physical distancing, the use of cloth face coverings, and increased cleaning, disinfection and hand hygiene. These types of strategies will also be implemented in workplaces for the protection of employees. 

Checklist for returning to school or work:

  • Masks: Make sure you have at least five masks to get you through the week and weekend, and wash them after every two uses as recommended.
  • Soap: Keep plenty of soap accessible at home, work and/or school for hand washing.
  • Sanitizer: Make sure you have a sanitizer that contains over 60% alcohol (the CDC recommended amount) like our Hand Sanitizer Spray which is 75% alcohol or our Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray that includes 70% alcohol plus essential oils so it won't dry out your hands.
  • Practice: This is important especially with small children. Show them how to properly use sanitizer and wash their hands and get them in the habit of doing so. This will help them when parents aren't around to remind them.
  • Minimize Sharing: Brainstorm ways to reduce sharing or using shared objects. At work this can look like microwaves and water coolers. At school, follow the guidelines set out by your school and have your child bring their own set of supplies.

    So what exactly will this look like? Well for one thing...A LOT more cleansing than maybe we've been used to. Things like hand sanitizer are now considered essential work and back to school items. Luckily with ViroShield we've got you covered with hand sanitizer and then some! We offer a variety of effective products to help shield you from potential environmental threats.

    And although physical distancing and wearing a mask may not apply when working from home or distance learning, the same guidelines regarding hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting are advised, which is where our Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray comes in. A quick spritz takes care of frequently touched surfaces and objects like desks, keyboards, tablets and phones.

    Protect Yourself and Your Family for Back to School and Work With ViroShield

    Since we are doing much more cleansing these days, you want products that are not only effective but also gentle. ViroShield is just that. Our products offer ultimate protection for you and your family, while nourishing the skin at the same time. 

    Our Hand & Body Wash is the perfect addition to your kitchen and bathroom, made with powerful essential oils known for their natural cleansing abilities, yet gentle enough to nourish the skin. Plus, you'll love reaching for the invigorating cinnamon-clove scent. 

    Our Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray made with essential oils and 70% alcohol is perfect to keep within reach at home, school, and work, to quickly and easily spritz hands and surfaces and objects you frequently touch. Choose from three incredible scents including Citrus Blend, Lavender, and Cinnamon-Clove. You’ll love that it dries fast and leaves the skin feeling clean without drying it out.

    Also available is our Hand Sanitizer with 75% Isopropyl Alcohol that meets FDA requirements. It’s unscented, making it ideal for those who are sensitive to scents, and easy to stash in your handbag or backpack to use when you can't wash your hands right away or need something for those in-between moments. 

    And we recently launched our new Protective FaceShield Hat so you can shield yourself from airborne droplets even more effectively. This adjustable baseball cap with a detachable plastic face shield cover offers a safe protective barrier for your face that can be worn on the front or the back and can be removed for sanitizing. 

    Don't forget to add ViroShield natural protective products to your back to work and back to school checklist today! And remember: We're all in this together!

    In addition to the policies workplaces and schools have in place, you may find the following CDC Resources helpful when it comes to guidance on maintaining safe behavioral practices:

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